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Just who do you think you are?

Hunting Town is a small friendly design house based in Manchester that was born in 2010, which is the Chinese year of the Tiger (no relation). It was founded by Alexander Singleton, who after realising that he spent far too much time doodling decided he needed to make a little money out of it.
What we do
Since it’s birth Hunting Town has expanded into a fully fledged design house offering graphic design for web and print media, as well as illustration and branding services. We’re always looking for ways to get better at what we do and are proud to say that we’re constantly learning, constantly innovating and constantly pushing to give our clients the absolute best designs we can muster.
Our Ethos
We’re crazy enthusiastic about the work that we do and the people we work with. We approach all of our projects with the ethos, “this has to be our best work yet”. After all, a design house is only as good as it’s last project. Making sure that the designs you’re getting are at their very best is ensuring that Hunting Town is at its very best.

Our Process

We’ve developed a set of four stages at Hunting Town that we like to work our way through to ensure that we get every one of our clients the absolute best design experience.
The first step in any project is putting the kettle on. Once everyone is sat down with a brew, be it in a meeting, over the phone or even email we can really get into what you want from us. We understand that every client that walks in the door is utterly unique, so it’s at this stage that it’s really important for us to get an idea of who you are and what you need to achieve with your project. The expert in the room here is you, so we’ll be the ones sat with notepad in hand trying to learn everything we can so that we can give you exactly what you want. This process can go on for as long as you need it to, only once your satisfied that we have a good understanding of your project, can we move on to step two.
This is really the meat of the process. We call this step scribbles because that’s exactly what we start with, slowly building up an idea into something you begin to see as your own. It’s vitally important for us to keep you in the loop at every step of the process, so we’ll be firing loads of ideas your way to being with. Once we have narrowed the ideas we want to run with we’ll eventually move on to computer aided graphics where you can get a real sense of how the finished product is going to turn out.
Often integrated with step two, this is all down to you; we need to know what you think! We’ve found that our clients can sometimes be concerned about shooting down an idea that they can see we’re obviously fond of, but really don’t worry. We’ve built up a thick skin over the years and saying you hate something is just as useful as saying you love it. Besides, if we genuinely think you’re making a mistake then we’ll let you know about it and give you a good understanding of why.
The last step is the easiest and the most fun, actually receiving your finished creation. After all, by this point you should be well acquainted and utterly in love with it. We’ll make sure that any billing and invoices are sorted and up to date, and pack up everything for delivery. It’s often the case that we help our clients implement their products, so if you’re looking for web hosting, or need the perfect finish on some print work then we’re more than happy to place orders on your behalf. If you require it we’ll even send you a hard copy of all your work through the mail for safe-keeping.
hunting town design

Hunting Town Design

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