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A few other things you might like to know

Do you charge per project, or on an hourly/daily rate?
Generally we charge on an hourly (£36 p/hr) or daily basis (£250 p/day). However if you have a strict budget you want to stay within we can set out a fixed cost for a specific project, however this won’t (unless otherwise stated) include costing for alterations and additions along the way and can end up being quite restrictive.
How much will a logo/website/illustration cost?
How much does a house/car/meal cost? We really need to get an idea of what you want from us and what your budget is before we can start firing prices at you. Websites can cost between £400 and £40,000 so the more information you can give us, the better idea of the cost we can give you.
Is your price negotiable?
Absolutely – there is no ‘one way’ to accomplish design work and if you need to shave off a penny here and there, then we can definitely help you out. Although we won’t alter the cost of our hourly rate, there are often ways that we can save time whilst still keeping the quality to a super high standard. For instance, instead of building a website totally from scratch, we could use one of our current templates and build on that.
Do you require a deposit?
Generally yes, we do require a 25% deposit (the exception being clients we’ve worked with before who need jobs or alterations completing that cost under £100).
Do you require a contract?
Yes we do. We have a standard contract that we use with all of our clients that can be amended to your specific project. Our contracts are all signed online and are password protected. We’ve done our best to make our contracts as easy to read and simple to understand as possible, there’s none of that legal mumbo jumbo in there. You can take a look at an example contract here.
Do you offer special rates for chairty organisations?
Yes we do, and we’re very proud of it! Hunting Town tries to take on one small to medium size project from a registered charity every month which we do absolutely free. The waiting list can build up, and if we’re really busy we can’t always commit to charity work every single month, but if you’re interested, register your interest now.
Do you accept work placements/internships?
At the moment, no we don’t offer internships or placements at Hunting Town. Currently our office isn’t set up for any extra staff and we spend a lot of our time out of the office either at meetings or working on location with clients. That being said, it is something we want to look into a little further down the line, so if you’re feeling lucky shoot us over a link to your portfolio and if we think you’re awesome, we’ll keep your details on file and maybe even hire you for a little freelance work from time to time.
Will you speak at my event?
Oh – you’ll make me blush! Yeah, we love speaking at events, and it’s something we want to get into doing a lot more (If you pay for travel (and accommodation if required) then we’ll be happy). Alex Singleton is the man to speak to and you can head over to his personal website for more details and to get in touch.
hunting town design

Hunting Town Design

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