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The Proteintech Group are one of the worlds leading protein antibody producers, and in June 2011 they contacted Hunting Town to design a series of posters to appeal to recent Harvard graduates thinking about going into the field of antibody production.

After a great first meeting with the team at Proteintech we quickly decided on a theme of famous historical scientists. The adverts were to be placed on bus stops around Harvard University in Boston, so the idea was that the chosen scientists would stand life size alongside any potential student that may wander by or stand at the bus stop.

The main issue with something like this is always the images. Finding decent images of the chosen scientists in the public domain was fine, but full body life size image was a different matter entirely. What we decided to do was hire a selection of body doubles and costumes for the scientists and shoot them in front of a green screen. Next we superimposed the scientists heads over our models and used photoshop wizardry to age the final image to a point where both head and body matched perfectly.
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hunting town design

Hunting Town Design

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