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Graphic Design

It just makes everything better

Graphic Design is all around us, anything with text or an image can be made better or more productive with Graphic Design.
If you define advertising as getting a message or a peice of inforation accross to someone, then it really is at the heart of what we do at Hunting Town. Whether it’s getting somebody to buy your product or simply visit your website, it’s important that your message stand out amongst the plethora of information that people are bombarded with on a daily basis. In the majority of cases an advertisement is your first contact with a customer, so it’s absolutely vital that all of your advertisements reflect the very core of what your brand has to offer in terms of both quality and serive.
The role of the humble brochure is changing. Where once it might have been a supplemental ‘reminder’ of information, it’s now a coveted take away item. Any physical product that you clients can take away needs to constantly remind them of exactly who you are and what you do every time they see, or interact with it. Nothing does this better than a strong design. The better looking and more appealing your brochure is, the more likely it is that a potential client will collect and interact with it, and the less likely it is to be thrown away after.
Because on-line media has become so prevalent it’s also meant a change in how we actually react to print. Where as once, print could be pulpy and throw away it’s now a chance to really make contact with your clients. A chance to put in that extra effort and put something truly special in their hands. If you buy a t-shirt from a bespoke apparel company now, chances are they you’ll get it in a custom printed box, with a letter headed thank you note, some stickers and a few button badges. Now a plastic parcel bag would have done fine, but would it have made the same impression on the person who ordered it? We guess not. Over time we’ve managed to get a really great group of printers together that we know we’ll get the best quality and prices from. We know who can do what we’re looking for in the best way and how long it’ll take to land at our door.
hunting town design

Hunting Town Design

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