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Long live the pencil

Hunting Town Design was born out of a love for drawing and sketching and we’re proud to say it’s something we are still doing today.
In a world where Photoshop is king of design, being able to create something hand drawn, unique and utterly bespoke truly stands out. Being skilled in both the traditional mediums of illustration and the more modern computer aided design means that we can mix media to create some really stunning artworks. When working on illustrations we generally create everything on separate layers, meaning that if you want to change a colour, no worries, we can just grab that layer and edit it on the computer. Working like this means you have a massive degree of flexibility in a field that once upon a time, would have meant an expensive redraw from scratch.
In the past few years video has become a huge part of the online experience and websites like YouTube are boasting search numbers second only to Google. Animation allows you to get your message across in an appealing and engaging way, and with no actors, camera crew or locations to worry about, you can better keep a handle on costs. At Hunting Town we’ve worked on everything for book trailers to medical infomercials, so the scope of what you can achieve with animation is huge.
3D Structural
3D structural illustrations are perfect for giving you a realistic look at how a building or interior is going to look. Using architecture grade 3D modelling software combined with a state of the art rendering program, we’re able to produce images that look incredibly detailed and realistic. From store interiors to entire building developments, having a look at the finished product before you even lay a single brick is incredibly useful.
hunting town design

Hunting Town Design

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