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Website Design

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Websites have fast become the essential tool for new businesses and projects, creating a presence online should be high on the to-do list of anyone wanting to make a solid impression.
Front End Development
Web development starts with understanding what information you want to get across and how, from there we can develop a page design template in Photoshop so you can sign off on exactly how to site will look before it even sees a .com After that we begin crafting your website. We do as much of our design work as possible using just coding (through a combination of PHP, CSS, JQuery, Java Script and HTML) to keep your website super fast. If there’s anything specific you want that we can’t achieve with coding alone, then we can craft a bespoke graphic and use that instead.
Responsive Design
Smart phones and tablets are now one of the most common ways people browse the internet, so it’s never been more important for your website to work (and look good) on these formats. We can design your website to adapt to any size of screen, altering it’s layout so that each device is given it’s own specifically designed website appearance. This way your website will cater to every visitor you revive, whether they be on a smart phone or using their widescreen TV.
Content Management
For the technophobic out there, we’re happy to manage your website content for an additional fee, but we create all of our websites with an easy to use CMS (content management system), so you’ll be able to add posts and pages yourself from anywhere in the world. If you need anything tricky or get stumped then we’re happy for you to give us a bell and we’ll do our best to help .
Social Media
Another big factor with web development is the social media boom of recent years. If you don’t have a Facebook or a Twitter account then you don’t exist… sorry. Getting these pages up along with many others gives you a much wider span on-line and creates a whole host of new ways for people to find your website. Creating all these pages with a unified brand and linking them all up is a real art, but it’s vitally important for giving your website the best chance. Getting everything working is our job, telling the world what you had for dinner we’ll leave to you.
UI Design
UI (or user interface) design is becoming more and more important as our app culture flourishes. Aside from making apps and websites interactive, it’s also important for them to be intuitive and easy to use. UI design focuses on this and is all about making interactive elements beautiful whilst keeping them simple to understand. Another component of this is UX (or user experience) design. This deals with the experience a user has with your app or website. Crafting the way they move around and interact with your application is intrinsically linked to the amount of time they’ll spend using it and the usefulness they’ll deem it’s worth.
hunting town design

Hunting Town Design

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